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The inside of the TruckCab Camper

The TruckCab truck travel camper is designed to provide all the comfort, durability, simplicity and ease of maintenance that
off-road travel demands.

As with 4x4 RRCab pickup trucks, the interior of this 4x4 truck camper is based on the choice of 4x4 trip techniques: inner walls with a polyester skin that is resistant to impact and moisture and is extremely easy to maintain.

  • interior furniture in aluminium (epoxy paint). Aluminium allows a significant weight gain compared to wood and it is not affected by moisture or corrosion.
  • All furniture, wardrobes, cupboards, chests are very easy to clean, both outside and inside and require no maintenance.
  • All lighting systems are led, both very efficient and economical in electricity.
  • The floor is highly insulated as on the RRCab campers but dressed in solid teak wood boards.
  • Double heating system with diesel energy, not requiring storage of bulky gas cylinders, and enabling the management of the distribution of hot air in the different spaces of the camper, as well as the production of hot water, without storing it.

700 mm wide door with 3-point closure.
Insulated door (structure identical to the walls) and robust construction, full height piano hinge, a real guarantee of security.

Kitchen area, with storage units in aluminium, epoxy lacquered, 2 gas burners, stainless steel sink, hot and cold water.

Heated toilet area, with shower, toilet with cassette, washbasin, bathroom furniture.

Modular living space with adjustable multi-position table (colour to your liking), 3 seats, convertible sleeping for 2 people.

High level cabinets with damper-assisted opening and closing (no problem locking or unintentional opening). All these High level storage units of the camper have an interior led lighting.

Vertical storage cabinet with shelves and sliding curtain closure.

Heated wardrobe for drying wet stuff, thanks to hot air ventilation (Webasto heating).

Compression refrigerator here, 80 litres, other sizes possible

Very large storage boxes, under the seats. They are accessible by external hatches on each side of the camper and a hatch inside the camper.

Opening windows, Seitz S4 projection (other possible window systems).

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Technical space: location of the Webasto combined heating system, which heats the living space with ventilation while producing hot water for the kitchen, the shower and the washbasin located in the toilet area.

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Floor dressed in solid teak boards

cellule camion truckcab rrconcept
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TruckCab off-road truck camper from RR Concept, 100% French design and manufacturing.


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